OnlineFirst is a feature offered through the ÖNDER’s (Alumni Association of Imam Hatip High Schools) electronic content platform, Talim: Journal of Education in Muslim Societies and Communities. The OnlineFirst service allows users to access peer-reviewed articles well before print publication. OnlineFirst articles are published online before they appear in a regular issue of the journal.

OnlineFirst articles have been peer reviewed, accepted for publication, and published online. Moreover, OnlineFirst articles are copyedited, typeset, and approved by their authors before publication, and we aim to post each article within four weeks of acceptance.

Articles appearing on this page have been accepted, edited, and prepared for publication. They have not yet been assigned to a journal issue. When articles are published in an issue, they are removed from the OnlineFirst page and will appear in the appropriate issue.

The date of first publication appears below each title, followed by the article’s unique Digital Object Identifier (DOI). OnlineFirst articles may be cited as shown in the following example:

Pinar, A. (2017). Religious education in Turkey. Talim: Journal of Education in Muslim Societies and Communities. Advance online publication. doi: 10.12738/talim.2017.1.18

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