Imam Hatip Schools’ Mission against “Religious” Manipulations


DOI: 10.12738/talim.2017.1.0005

Year: 2017 Vol: 1 Number: 1


The main purpose of this study is to discuss the educational precautions that can be taken against the manipulative “religious” formations which are encountered these days with motion from the reality of religious abuse experienced in Islamic history. In line with this the main objective is the analysis of the functions that madrasas of the past had performed on this subject and the mission that is placed on the Imam Hatip Schools these days. The topic is covered under two subheadings. The first is religious abuse, whose actual merit is never lost. Religious abuse is primarily introduced through a conceptual analysis of what it means, through which motives it is made, and the forms it realizes. Later, examples of exploitation experienced in the process of the emerging political and social formations that have led the way in Islamic history and the measures developed against these exploitations, are analyzed particularly in an educational sense. The madrasa institution constitutes the axis of this analysis. Additionally, the problem of abuse that continues to exist today as it has in the past is contemplated over current reflections and concrete examples. The second sub-heading for this topic relates to the function that Imam Hatip Schools undertake against the issues of today that introduce the problem of abuse. In this context, the mission that Imam Hitap Schools have undertaken (from what was established in the past to today), the sociological platform on which these schools are based, and the role of religious education against the currents of religious abuse that are carried out from within and without are analyzed. In particular, recent changes in form and method focus on the changes that need to occur in Imam Hatip Schools’ educational program as an educational measure against the manipulative formations that create devastating effects in the Islamic world. The method used in this study will be in the form of an evaluation of the results obtained through a detailed analysis of the data from historical records and studies performed in relation to this topic.

Religious abuse, Education, Madrasa, Imam Hatip School