Imam Hatip High School Students’ Self-Regulation Skills as Predictors of Their Character Development and Perceived School Climate

Author/s: Halil Ekşi, Nesrullah Okan, Ayşe Sena Ayhan

DOI: 10.12738/talim.2018.2.0004

Year: 2018 Vol: 2 Number: 2


The aim of this study is to determine whether a relationship exists among the variables of students’ character development, self-regulation skills, and perceived school climate in Imam Hatip High School and between the variables of their levels of character development and perceived school climate with self-regulation skills. The individuals who participated in the research study at Imam Hatip High Schools in Istanbul. The research group consists of 414 individuals (260 girls and 154 boys). The study uses the School Climate Scale (SCS) to determine individuals’ perceptions of school climate, the Self-Regulation Questionnaire (SRQ) to determine their self-regulatory skills, the Character Growth Index (CGI) to determine their character development characteristics, and a personal information form to obtain their demographic information. Data have been analyzed using Pearson’s product-moment correlation analysis, regression analysis, and the independent t-test. According to the findings of the research, the variables of school climate and perceived self-regulation predict character development at approximately 57% (r = .13; p < .01). According to the results from the correlation analysis, the variable of character development is seen to positively correlate with school climate (r = .21; p < .001) and perceived self-regulation (r = .57; p < .001).

Character development, Self-regulation skills, School climate perception, High school students