Aim & Scope

Talim: Journal of Education in Muslim Societies and Communities is a peer-reviewed academic journal.

Talim, with a focus on religious education in Muslim societies and communities, publishes theoretical and applied studies that address this issue from a disciplinary or interdisciplinary point of view.

In this framework, Talim will include manuscripts on Islamic religious education that: (i) address it in relatıon to education, pedagogy, philosophy, theology, ethics, law, sociology, economy, culture, art, anthropology, and/or political science; (ii) extend it through original theoretical and conceptual expansions, (iii) examine it through new/different research methods, and (iv) present it comparatively in the context of different countries.

Within this context, the following subjects are given priority:

  • Spiritual education, morals education, values education, and character education
  • The place and function of education institutions in the formation and establishment of religious identity
  • Islamic religious education in various belief groups, public life, and multicultural settings
  • Education practices at all levels of privately or publicly owned educational institutions
  • Modern and traditional models, trends, and methods toward Islamic religious education
  • Islamic religious education in communities and environments outside of school
  • Spiritual, cultural, and social issues in education related to Islam
  • The effect of school identity; acceptance toward a school; school leadership, culture, and climate; or school family units on educational institutions that conduct Islamic religious education; teacher and administrator identity; and educational programs
  • All topics related to Imam Hatip Schools
  • Policies on Islamic religious education in Muslim societies and communities

Talim, in addition to qualified, original, theoretical and practical research studies, will also include book reviews.

Starting in 2017, to ensure that the published articles are free from plagiarism, Talim: Journal of Education in Muslim Societies and Communities started using CrossCheck by CrossRef to screen for plagiarism. It is powered by iThenticate, helping us to improve the integrity of publication and ensure originality.

Talim: Journal of Education in Muslim Societies and Communities will always try to enhance its quality and originality by publishing articles with high standards. The peer review process has been modified by inserting CrossCheck to screen for plagiarism.

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